ROOSTERGNN Global News Network ( and its Academy are non-profit organizations that support hands-on education of the next generation of journalism and communications professionals.


In collaboration with our 400 partner universities (, we are now offering Internship and Mentoring Programs for university partners and groups of students.

Minimum group size: 10 students.

Thanks to the support of our benefactors, we are offering need-based scholarships and financial aid for our RGNN Academy programs. We hope that this need-based funding policy will allow talented students, who otherwise would not have the financial means to afford the full tuition fee, to participate in our RGNN Academy programs.

If you are a university partner or group leader of a group of students interested in an RGNN Academy program, please contact us to inquire about more information on need-based funding opportunities.

NOTE. All scholarships and financial aid are subject to availability and to the selection process of RGNN Academy. All scholarship and financial aid applications must be submitted together with the application for the corresponding program, before formalizing enrollment. RGNN Academy and its benefactors reserve the right to modify the conditions for scholarships and financial aid, and the updated version of the conditions will be available at Note. In the event that ROOSTERGNN has provided you with a translation of the Spanish version of this document, you accept that such a translation is provided solely for your convenience, and in your relationship with ROOSTERGNN, the Spanish version of this document prevails in any case.

Questions? Please contact