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The ROOSTERGNN Academy arises from the need for hands-on education for future journalists and communications professionals.
Our programs provide real-world experience and training, connecting students with recognized experts in the field and giving them the necessary tools to successfully pursue their profession.
At ROOSTERGNN Academy, there are no traditional classrooms and conventional lectures; instead, students form part of interactive Editorial, Marketing and Social Media Meetings, learning from the Experts and acquiring hands-on experience in the latest communication technologies.


Students from different countries and academic backgrounds share their RGNN Academy experiences.

“I loved the workshops with the expert mentors and the site visit to Internet República. It was so interesting to listen to how they got working in the job they are in today. It was really inspiring hearing their stories. This Internship Seminar has taught me lots about what career path I would like to take when I graduate university. I also really loved networking with all the other Internship Seminar members.”

Ellysse Horniblow, James Cook University Townsville (Australia), RGNN Academy Class of 2018

“Pitching ideas every morning and getting feedback from one another during editorial meetings enabled me to experience what it is like to work in a newsroom-environment, too. It also created a network of journalists and friends that I can connect with for our future projects and career.”

Mingu Cho, New York University Abu Dhabi (UAE), RGNN Academy Class of 2018

“We all came from different areas of the world, grew up with different cultures and we have so many different stories to share. It was so awesome to work with them, ask them for advice and exploring the beautiful city of Madrid together.”

Lillie Sun, University of Western Ontario, RGNN Academy Class of 2018

“It’s easy to talk about getting interviews and making connections, but hearing the Experts and Mentors elaborate on how they actually went about this was really helpful.”

Lela Jenkins, University of Chicago (USA), RGNN Academy Class of 2017


Here’s what parents have to say about RGNN Academy.

“At first I was concerned and very apprehensive with Katie going to Cuba and had many questions about the travel and arrangements. The staff at ROOSTERGNN were extremely thorough and prompt with their responses and very accommodating. They addressed every doubt I had to where I could relax knowing Katie was in great hands. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the program and the ability to indulge in the culture of Cuba by living in colonial houses with Cuban families. It was exciting for her to experience new foods and living conditions that differed from her own. Her stories about the wonderful locals and the music that filled the streets bring a smile to her face every time she tells her stories. She met wonderful new friends on the trip and shared many good times with them. Katie has traveled to other countries but found Cuba to be a very unique experience. She so appreciated the learning opportunity to write and publish articles and indulge in her other passion of photography. I would definitely recommend this trip to others.

Katie enjoyed working with peers and mentors and learning more about travel journalism. She enjoyed the group she was traveling with and was delighted to meet and interview the locals for the articles she published. In addition, living with the host families was a great opportunity for Katie to practice her Spanish and learn more about the culture.

I know I was personally concerned about the travel and the fact this was only the second trip to Cuba for this program. I was thoroughly impressed by the staff at RGNN and their responsiveness to answering all of my questions. For example, I did not want Katie to sit in the airport for several hours upon her arrival and wait for the next group bus, so RGNN staff assisted in getting Katie car service that we paid a little extra for. They went the extra mile to let me know Katie arrived safely and was with her group. They sent a great group photo of all the students on Day 1.”

Jackie Bandish. Mother of Katie Bandish, RGNN Academy Class of 2017.

“I am really happy that my daughter, Ana Londoño, went to ROOSTERGNN. There she explored the journalism career, learning about different jobs that she can have once she graduates from Emerson College. When we were first looking for summer programs abroad, I told her she should choose a shorter program because of the lack of funds we had. However, I was concerned that in two weeks she was not going to learn anything. On the contrary, she came home having learned about subjects, such as fixers, that she wouldn’t have learned at school.

I think the best thing about ROOSTERGNN was qualified mentors. When we saw the list of experts, we were happily surprised that she was going to learn from journalists with a great history of experience. However, we never expected how helpful they would be. They gave my daughter excellent feedback that she can use again in the future.”

Ignacio Londoño. Father of Ana Londoño RGNN Academy Class of 2016.

“My son James started talking about going on the Cuba Travel Journalism & Photography Internship & Mentoring Program in October 2016. I didn’t take it too seriously at first but then he asked for his 18th birthday money in advance so he could pay for the trip!! I was not at all sure about it and did a lot of research into safety in Cuba and ROOSTERGNN Academy. I was reassured that it was all above board and James was passionate about going so he set of with my blessing early in January, just 10 days after his 18th birthday.

There is no doubt that he loved every minute of his time in Cuba. He has learned so much about journalism and photography. He enjoyed meeting people from all over the globe and particularly liked meeting the Cuban people. He loved the color and the scenery.

Before he went I said it would either be an expensive mistake or it would be the best thing he ever did in terms of setting him on a career path. Fortunately, the latter is the case; James is now determined to have a career in travel journalism as a result of his time on the RGNN Internship & Mentoring Program in Cuba. Research everything you are concerned about. You might find a lot of your fears are unfounded. This was a well organized, worthwhile trip.”

OOSTERGNN was qualified mentors. When we saw the list of experts, we were happily surprised that she was going to learn from journalists with a great history of experience. However, we never expected how helpful they would be. They gave my daughter excellent feedback that she can use again in the future.”

Lorraine Rae. Mother of James Rae, RGNN Academy Class of 2017.

“At ROOSTERGNN, my daughter Alessia Bisini learned how to improve her writing and reporting skills, and she also gained a lot of confidence in speaking a foreign language. At first I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know what to expect from this experience, but it turned out she not only had a whole lot of fun, but she also learned something new, which will help her greatly in her future. The best thing about the Journalism Internship & Mentoring Program at ROOSTERGNN was for Alessia to have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry: real journalists with a lot of experience. Would I recommend this program to future students who are looking to get hands-on journalism experience? Absolutely yes.”

Attilio Bisini. Father of Alessia Bisini, RGNN Academy Class of 2016.


At RGNN Academy, you will learn directly from the experts — prestigious journalists, photographers, videographers, editors, and more!


War Correspondent

The New York Times, Newsweek, United Press, Al Jazeera, CNN and others


Marketing | Branding

MSN, Microsoft, Terra Networks, MadCool, IE, EAE and others



The Associated Press, Getty Images, Der Spiegel, Paris Match and others


Fashion | Social Media

VOGUE, El Mundo, San Diego State University and others


Fashion & Lifestyle Consultant

VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, NETFLIX and others


Journalist & Author

MTV, eldiario.es, ADN.es and others



FACTHOUS, RGNN, Carrefour, Foot Locker and others



BBC News, National Geographic, The Huffington Post, L.A. Times and others


Senior Fashion Designer

Carolina Herrera, Pepe Jeans and others


Marketing | Social Media

Microsoft, Xbox, El Corte Inglés and others



HELLO, TVE, 20Minutos, Sogecable, Telecinco and others



BBC, Reuters, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and others

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