Havana & Trinidad, Cuba // Travel Journalism, Photography & Video Internship & Mentoring Program

July 1-13, 2019

James Cook University

Ellysse Horniblow.

Ellysse is a third-year student studying Marketing, Management and Communication Design at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. Ellysse completed the Digital Marketing and Social Media Internship & Mentoring Program with ROOSTERGNN in Madrid, Spain in 2018. She met so many wonderful people who were just as passionate about marketing as she is. Her interests are traveling, spending time with family and friends, shopping and cooking. She hopes to one day live overseas and pursue a career in business, Marketing. Ellysse has a strong passion for travel and is very excited to be heading off on another adventure in Cuba with RGNN in 2019.

Temple University
United States

Alicia Kay.  

Alica is a junior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she is majoring in communication studies and frequently contributes articles and photographs to The Temple News and Jump magazine.

A native of the Washington, D.C., area, Alicia enjoys attending protests at the on the National Mall and at the Supreme Court where she puts her love of photography to use. She also enjoys photographing urban areas, architecture, and people. Her dream job is to be a photojournalist in war zones.

Bob Jones University
United States

Daniel Quigley.

Daniel grew up and lives in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Studying Cinema Production and Journalism and Mass Communications at college, he hopes to work in the film industry in some capacity, living out his Christian faith in the process.

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
United States

Donovan Staples-Autry.

Donovan is studying journalism at the Florida A&M University and is more than focused on his tasks at hand. His love for traveling and exploring the world is unmatched! His vast writing skills complement his written descriptions as a traveler. The broad and unique imagination of Donovan Staples-Autry sets him apart from any other creator. With the right materials and time to work on any task, he will give a brilliant finish!

Indiana University Bloomington
United States

Courtney Stapleton.  

Courtney is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in journalism with concentrations in photojournalism and sports journalism. She is pursuing a minor in Spanish. Courtney has a small portrait photography business and is also completing an internship at the Walter Center for Career Achievement. Her hobbies include music, photography and traveling. After graduation, Courtney hopes to move to Colorado to continue her photography business.

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

Birmingham-Southern College
United States

Sydney Westrick.

Sydney graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 2016 with a Bachelors in International Studies. Upon graduation, Sydney traveled to Nepal to work with an NGO called Clinic Nepal. Her responsibilities there included teaching English to 51 students, administrative work, and documenting the students through photos and articles mail to there sponsors overseas.

Non-profits have always been an essential part of Sydney’s development as a person and as a journalist as she has been involved with the Borgen Project and Brighter Tanzania. During her time with the Borgen Project, she was Regional Director for Wisconsin and thus was a big part of the effort lobby for new laws to pass through the United States Congress for greater involvement in the U.S. Foreign Aid disbursement throughout the world. Not only was she a leader in the push from Wisconsin, but she also documented her work through blog articles and Congressional articles to help support the Borgen Project cause.

Sydney continued her involvement with non-profits when she was awarded the Developmental Director Position for the Brighter Tanzania Foundation. In this position, Sydney is responsible for fundraising, stewardship, marketing of the foundation, and client relationships. One of the ways she continues to keep in contact with the donors and gain new ones is through her blog about current issues and aspects of daily lives for the children in Arusha, Tanzania.

Photography and journalism have always been a big passion for Sydney, and she has and continues to improve her skills through weekly articles for ROOSTERGNN and continued involvement with the Brighter Tanzania Foundation. She looks forward to increasing her knowledge of travel journalism and travel photography with this internship and check Cuba off of her bucket list.

Madrid, Spain // Fashion Communications & Luxury Brand Management Internship & Mentoring Program

July 15-27, 2019

Carleton University

Jasmyn Ashton Autieri.

Jasmyn is studying communications and media at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She is from the Greater Toronto Area. In her spare time, she enjoys, traveling, spending time with friends and family, photography. Some of her favorite places that she has visited include Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Italy and Turks and Caicos. She is very excited about this Internship & Mentoring Program and hopes to pursue a career in the fashion industry one day.

Lebanese American University

Dina Ballout.

Dina is a Fashion Design student at the Lebanese American University. She is interested in highlighting social issues through art and design. Dina believes that communicating with people using art is an effective way to reach out to others as well as share a connection. She enjoys design developing, painting, photography, collage, and embroidery.

Sinclair Community College
United States 

Jade Gaines.

Jade is 21 years old and from Dayton, Ohio. She is studying biochemistry and fashion design while she attends Sinclair Community College. Jade loves to travel and gain new experiences. She is a very vibrant and inspirational person!

American University of Beirut


Haya Jadayel.   

Haya is currently enrolled at the American University of Beirut working towards pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, as well as a minor in Philosophy. She has a passion for marketing, and a huge love for fashion. Mixing different patterns and prints, changing a want to a need, as well as being the best version of herself is one of her goals that she hopes to achieve in the near future.

Carleton University

Matias Bessai.

Matias is an 18-year-old student currently enrolled in his second year of the Journalism program at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). He grew up in Toronto and attended arts high school majoring in the Musical Theatre program. Music, culture, and fashion are his primary interests as a journalist, and he hopes that this program will help build a hands-on understanding of what those industries are like in a city with a deep historical connection.

Curtin University, Bentley

Annabelle Pinardi.  

Annabelle is an Aussie girl from Western Australia who is in her first year of studying a Journalism major with marketing and human rights as minors at Curtin University. It took a couple of universities, a six month gap year and a few dry law and politics exams to realize that journalism was a career that she wanted to pursue.

In Perth, she has been completing an on-going internship at a local television channel, focusing on reporting and investigating current affairs stories. Having never been to Madrid and a keen traveler living by the motto “One life, One Chance”, Annabelle is looking forward to completely immersing herself in the Spanish culture, vegetarian cuisine and meeting like-minded and aspiring journalists from all different spheres of life.

Annabelle’s passion for writing began long ago, on almost every holiday she can remember, a diary would be one of the first things put in the suitcase. Annabelle would document her experiences as a way to capture her favorite memories that would often be forgotten not long after returning from the destination. To date, she has over eight diaries full of life lessons, experiences, holidays and friends that she has met along the way who have become part of her life journey.

Annabelle is looking forward to one day being a successful television reporter and is hopeful her career will allow her to fulfil her constant feeling of wanderlust and lead to international work as a foreign correspondent or travel journalist.

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

Soka University of America
United States

Hannah Fradkin.  

Hannah is a second-year Humanities major at Soka University of America. Originally from Montana, she has been living in California and taking as many opportunities to travel as she can. Her passions include literature, visual art, and fashion. She is on the marketing team for her school’s Performing Arts Center and was the marketing director for Soka’s Her Campus chapter. She hopes to enter into the fashion communication industry professionally and is looking forward to this opportunity!

The University of St. Thomas
United States

Lucy Williams.  

Lucy is an International Business student at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. She is grateful for the opportunity to study at a prestigious university and considers it one of her greatest accomplishments. Lucy came to the U.S. in 2004 as a Liberian war refugee, with only a 4th-grade education. She barely spoke a word of English. French was her primary language because she lived in Cote D’Ivoire for sixteen years as a refugee, prior to being granted political asylum in the United States. Like most refugees, she struggled with poverty.

Carleton University

McKenna Smalley.

McKenna is eighteen years old and is currently attending Carleton University to study journalism. McKenna lives in the Toronto area on a potato farm. Her interests are fashion, traveling, and writing. Some of her favorite destinations she has traveled to were Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands and to Maui, Hawaii. McKenna hopes to one day get a job in the fashion and journalism industry.

Madrid, Spain // Journalism, Photography & Video Internship & Mentoring Program

July 15-27, 2019

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

Berea College
El Salvador

Emely Alfaro Zavala.    

Emely is a sophomore at Berea College and she is an international student from El Salvador. She is studying Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration and Computer Science. She loves photography, soccer, hiking, and reading. Emely is very excited to travel to Spain for the first time.

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

Olivet College
United States

Nieya Brown.  

Nieya is a talented young woman who loves to dance, shop, and meet new people. She is pursuing a degree in journalism and mass communications at Olivet College. As a current junior, Nieya plans to pursue success in her journalism career. Nieya has been very involved on campus since her freshman year. She is a member of Nu Gamma Xi Sorority, Hiram Archer Scholar, and the cheer and dance, team. It’s not hard to notice her walking around campus because of she outgoing, and always smiling and saying hello to everyone. Nieya is known for her beautiful bright smile that can brighten up anyone’s day.

FACTHOUS Scholarship Recipient

City College Of New York
United States

Clifford Ampah (also known as Cliffy Barz).

Clifford is a talented young profesional who loves to travel and interview people from all over the world. He graduated from Borough Manhattan College with a degree in Video Arts Technology and is currently studying his bachelor in Black Stories. Film, media, culture, and journalism are all areas he focused his college education around. So far he has produced different documentaries in different cities and countries. He is passionate about filming different lifestyles and sharing it with the world.

Elon University
United States

Olivia Debes.

Olivia is a junior at Elon University. She is a Human Service Studies major and minoring in Women and Gender studies, Political Science and Communications. Olivia is passionate about traveling and writing.

Carleton University

Kaylee Goldman.

Kaylee was born in the city of Toronto and is now a second year Journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She has enjoyed activities such as reading and writing since she was young and hopes to pursue a career with some interest in journalism and digital media in the future.

University of St Andrews
United States

Madison Leigh Campbell.

Madison is studying international relations and modern history at the University of St Andrews. In addition to playing field hockey for her university, Madison has engaged in various global cultural exchanges that have fuelled her passion for volunteer work. Madison aspires to one day write for Al Jazeera as an investigative journalist.

Drew University
United States

Kristen Oakley.  

Kristen is a communications and media major studying at Drew University in Madison, NJ. She is the creator and host of her campus radio show Black Talk Radio where she conducts interviews, plays music and discusses media topics with her co-host. She is also a YouTuber and has created her own personal blog “Kristen Speaks” on her brand website Kristen is very passionate about journalism and media is ready to take on the world and take advantage of all the opportunities given to her!

University of the West Indies


Tré Greaves.

Tré Seon Alexander Greaves is a reserved but determined 25-year-old who for the past four years has been juggling school and career.
Through hard work and perseverance, he was able to graduate last November with a Bachelors degree in Management and Marketing from the University of the West Indies, while completing his duties as a reporter at the Nation Publishing in Barbados.

Tré has a flair for the arts; and entertainment particularly all West Indian festivals and carnivals. He enjoys writing human-interest stories, travelling, karate and dancing.

He is primarily a writer but continues to step out of his comfort zone in hopes of becoming a better multimedia journalist.

University of Birmingham
United Kingdom 

Rebecca Milne.

Rebecca is currently studying History at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Rebecca’s main interests are photography, dance and the arts in general. Rebecca enjoys her studies with a particular passion for social and cultural history.

University of Southampton
United Kingdom

Anamika Talwaria.

Anamika is an English and Spanish graduate from the University of Southampton. When she’s not working in the corporate world, she’s blogging about travel, life in London and beauty & lifestyle.

University of the Southern Caribbean
Trinidad & Tobago

Abigail Gittens.

Abigail  is 21 years of age and is 4th year English major with the emphasis in communication at the University of the Southern Caribbean. She is a part of the Hisluv Choir, the USC Marching Band, the French Club, the Trinidad and Tobago Club and the school’s newspaper, the Channel. She would one day like to become a foreign correspondent journalist because she loves studying different cultures and seeing new places around the world. She is in loves to study music, read, play the steel pan and be active all the time. She is a strong believer in women’s rights, she is also a part of the Youth Government of Trinidad and Tobago. All in all, you can describe her as a fun loving, energetic young woman who wants to achieve a lot in life and live her life for God.

The University of South Australia

Tayla Giles.

Tayla is a twenty-one year old student currently in her second year of studying a double degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of South Australia. Whilst studying full-time, Tayla also works on a casual basis as a Customer Service Officer at Mount Barker District Council, Mount Barker Community Library and as a member of the marketing and content creation team for the Adelaide Dining Magazine. Tayla has also recently started her own copywriting business by the name of Tayla Lee Creative, where she offers her services as a content creator, blog writer, product stylist and social media manager. In her spare time, Tayla also runs two blogs: a food blog called The Cafe Crawler, and a lifestyle blog called Truly Tayla Lee.

University of North Texas
United States 

Bertha Smith.

Bertha is a senior studying Photojournalism at the University of North Texas. She finds joy in all of the small things in life and is excited every day to finish reading whatever book she’s on. She loves to photograph candid moments and writing stories that have social, political, economical, and personal impacts throughout the rest of the world.

University of Florida
United States

Emily Felts.

Emily is studying journalism at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She has a minor in photojournalism and is estimated to graduate either summer or fall 2020.

Madrid, Spain // #Influencer, Personal Brand & Public Relations Internship & Mentoring Program

July 15-27, 2019.

Carleton University

Ranim Al Tayech.

Ranim studied Political Science with a minor in Communications and Media Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. She was the president of the Palestinian Association on campus and is interested in learning more about the world of public relations, in order to begin a career in the field.

Carleton University

Farah Ibrahim.  

Farah is studying Journalism and Political Science at Carleton University. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue her Master’s degree in Public Relations and Professional Communication. She dreams of working in a professional media environment where she can combine her passion for digital media, writing, and fashion.

Madrid, Spain // Digital Marketing & Social Media Internship & Mentoring Program

July 15-27, 2019.

Lebanese American University

Rebecca Attie.

Rebecca is a fresh graduate in Buisness Marketing from the Lebanese American University. She speaks English, French and Arabic. She completed a marketing internship at Byblos Bank of Beirut, and worked as a sales representative for a startup application for a while. In summer 2018, she and her mother launched their online business called “Hello Gorgeous” , which is an online cosmetics shop in Lebanon. She’s responsible for the Instagram page where she creates the posts, stories and sponsored posts, and is currently working on creating more exposure through exhibitions and digital PRs. During her free time she likes to travel, go to the gym, and is currently learning yoga and Spanish. She’s interested in later completing a master’s degree in Digital Marketing in Spain.

Lebanese American University

Sandra Salha.

Sandra is a twenty-one year old student from Beirut, Lebanon. She is majoring in Business Studies, with an emphasis on Marketing and minoring in Sociology and Economics.

Monad University

Riya Singhvi.

Riya is a freelance graphic designer based in India and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Monad University. She likes to expand her horizons in all artistic fields, and started studying sketching, then psychology and is now pursuing a career in graphic design and digital marketing. Her area of expertise lies in social media marketing, but she is keen to learn about all aspects of the digital marketing industry.

Fordham University
United States 

Dongyang Li.

Dongyang is a sophomore at Fordham University. He is majoring in Digital Technology and Emerging Media and minoring in Business Laws and Ethics. He likes sports, traveling, and music. In the future, he intends to work in the digital marketing or the commercial music industry.

University of Maryland, College Park
United States

Sam Cohen.

Sam is studying English with a focus on media studies at the University of Maryland.